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Even if you wear socks that are the right size for your feet, at the end of the day your legs may be sore or marked by the sock. This can be due to sensitive skin or a tendency to swell in the feet and legs. Tabio has a solution for you: by removing the elastic at the top, we reshape your socks to make them more flexible. To take advantage of this service, simply add the elastic removal service to the shopping cart when you make your purchase. The item will be shipped to you as soon as a member of our team completes the elastic removal work.

Please allow approximately one day longer than normal for shipping time.



Tips for choosing your socks

1. Ribbed models are more flexible than plain models

Socks most often have an elastic edge on the top which allows them to stay in place on the leg and not slip off.
Uniform knit socks need to be held in place by the top, otherwise they slip off the leg very easily. That is why the top of the plain sock is folded over to form a double edge, on which a double layer of elastic can be placed, i.e. on the inside and on the outside. In addition, as the plain sock is essentially held together by its elastic edge, a certain amount of pressure is exerted at this level, which makes this type of sock less comfortable for sensitive people.
In contrast, rib knitting allows the edge of the sock to be made with a single layer of elastic, which makes the edge softer and therefore less compressive. In addition, the body of the ribbed sock itself having elastic (needed to make the ribs), and a more raised texture, allows for a better fit throughout the leg.
As a result, ribbed knit is more comfortable to wear than plain knit.


2. Socks can slip off when the elastic is removed

Socks with a fine knit, i.e. high gauge, can easily slip when the elastic is removed on the top.
Socks with a thicker knit, or medium gauge, tend to slip less due to the denser knitting and the nylon yarn used on the inside which makes them more stretchy.


3. The ideal: models with a rolled edge without elastic

Tabio is expanding its collection of rolled edge socks. We are also gradually increasing the number of elastic-free models thanks to new manufacturing techniques.
Use this Tag to find the model that suits you.



Common questions

Can the elastic be removed on all sock models ?

This service is applicable to most models, with the exception of silk models and some more delicate models.

Will the socks slip down to the toe after the elastic is removed ?

Tabio works particularly hard on the toe and heel of the socks so that it stays in place and wraps the foot well for maximum comfort. So even without elastic, the sock doesn't slip down easily (unless it's worn in soft, high boots).

Can I have the elastic removal service in the store ?

Yes, the service is also available in the store. However, you should allow at least 24 hours for the socks to be collected.

Can you remove the elastic on other products than Tabio socks ?

No. It may happen that a stitch is damaged during this process and we have to replace the article. This is why we only offer this service on our products.

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