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FootsieMocassins — 01 Apr 2021

#12 Moccasins with or without socks?

#12 Moccasins with or without socks?

It's getting hotter and hotter and loafers are making a comeback in the cities! Are you a loafer fan? And more importantly, do you wear socks in them? Today we will answer all your questions about the ideal choice of socks to match your loafers.

Which sock for moccasins?

It's time for moccasins and low shoes! For an invisible sock effect, we recommend our "footsie uni confort" model for women and the "footsie uni fit" model for men. Short trousers will reveal your ankles while protecting your feet. Aesthetically, the ankle line remains elegant thanks to our invisible socks, technically, your foot is well protected from the friction of the shoe

chaussettes invisibles pour mocassins

Footsie uni comfort and uni fit

Available in sizes from 37 to 47

Why do socks slip into shoes?

This is a recurring problem, the reason for which is simple: when the heel of the foot leaves the ground, it goes in the opposite direction to the heel of the shoe, friction occurs between the two parts: the sock. When the friction force exceeds the anti-slip force, the sock slides into the shoe. Individual characteristics, such as the shape of your foot, the size of your socks or shoes also have an impact. That is why it is important to choose the right sock size. The force that is applied to the toe and the friction, results in a hole in the sock if it is not adapted. The models we are presenting to you today slide smoothly into the shoe thanks to our calculated knitting methods. We also add an anti-slip strip at the back of the heel for better friction resistance.

A little tip…

A tip of the trade to keep your Tabio footsie in place: put the sock on by positioning the heel first. Usually you put on a sock from the toe, but to maximise the effect of the anti-slip strip you should secure the heel first. This way your sock will never leave your side!

Why wear moccasin socks?

Causes of foot odour

On average, it is said that a person's feet sweat about one cup of water (20cl) per day. It can be hot and very humid inside your shoes, especially if you are barefoot in leather shoes. Such an environment is a favourite playground for germs, and their proliferation is the cause of the unpleasant smell your feet may have. No matter how elegant your outfit is, it will be ruined by smelly feet. Here are the models that have a quick-drying function as well as a deodorant thread, the ideal solution to a problem we have all experienced at one time or another.

To keep your socks as odour-free as possible, please turn them inside out when washing. The inside of the socks, which is in contact with your skin and therefore absorbs sweat, will be washed better. For more information on the care of your socks, please read this page.

For small sizes?

For sizes smaller than 37, we also recommend these models which have the same functionality.

socks for moccasins size 34-35.5

Size 34-35.5

Lyocell Seamless 156N Sockettes XS

socks for moccasins size 34-35.5

Size 35.5-39.5

Dry Coolmax® Mesh Sokettes

And again...

Best seller Sockettes

Perfect for sneakers

invisible socks for sneakers

invisible socks for sneakers

Perfect for ballerinas

invisible socks for ballerinas

Invisible socks for ballerinas

Perfect for pumps
with the cushion function

invisible socks for ballerinas

Flat Hem Dry Cushioned Sockettes

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