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Footsie — 29 Jun 2023

#28 How to choose your footsies

#28 How to choose your footsies

The return of beautiful days marks the beginning of wedding season, travels, and long summer evenings

Our body uses sweat to regulate our body temperature through our sweat glands. Unfortunately or fortunately, our feet are one of the areas of the body with the most sweat glands, so it is natural to sweat from the feet. The sweat, upon contact with the skin, decomposes, and the bacteria present release a protein responsible for the unpleasant odor of sweat. However, the intensity and odor of sweat vary from person to person due to reasons such as genetics, hygiene, lifestyle, the climate in which we live, and the materials we wear.

Loafers and boat shoes ➢ Invisible socks

Loafers and boat shoes have a wide vamp and little space between the foot and the shoe.
Invisible socks are a popular option for this type of footwear as they are thin, discreet, and prevent excessive sweating and friction between the foot and the shoe.

Invisible socks are the ideal solution to pair with your loafers and boat shoes, offering both a sockless look and optimal comfort. Made from lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton or polyester, they allow your feet to breathe while avoiding excessive sweating.

Footsie invisible
Plain Comfort Fit
Cotton No-Show Socks
Invisible Fit Cool&Dry Sockettes
40-43 43-47 40-43 43-47

These socks are designed to be cut very low at the ankle, or even below, in order to remain discreet. Despite their invisibility, they offer good cushioning thanks to padding at the heel and sole of the foot, thus reducing the risk of pain.

To ensure optimal fit, choose invisible socks with anti-slip strips at the back or silicone elements to prevent them from slipping inside your shoes. By opting for high-quality invisible socks, you can enjoy comfort and discretion throughout the day, avoiding irritations and foot pain often associated with sockless shoes.

Technical sneakers ➢ Ankle socks

For technical sneakers such as New Balance, Adidas, Nike, etc., it is essential to choose the right socks to ensure comfort, support, and performance. Opt for ankle socks that provide protection against friction and irritation caused by sneakers. Choose breathable materials such as blended cotton or polyester to promote ventilation and moisture wicking.

In addition, you can also consider washi socks, a traditional Japanese paper known for its temperature-regulating properties. Washi socks offer effective moisture management and a refreshing sensation. Choose high-quality washi socks to enjoy the benefits of this natural material during your activities.

Footsie washi
Ankle Double Support Trainer Socks Washi Plain Sockettes
40-43 43-47 40-43

Canvas sneakers ➢ Anti-sweat socks

Just like with loafers/boat shoes, we recommend wearing invisible socks or short socks made of lyocell to create a more breathable look and to support your long walks.

Canvas sneakers, such as Converse or Vans, can cause discomfort due to heat and foot sweat. To address this, toe-separator socks are an option to consider. They promote better ventilation by separating the toes, which helps prevent sweat buildup.

Footsie lyocell M
Lyocell Toe No-Show Socks Plain Footsie Lyocell
40-43 43-47 40-43 43-47

Another option to consider is short socks made of lyocell. Crafted from breathable natural fibers like lyocell, they help keep the feet dry by wicking away moisture. These socks provide extra comfort and contribute to preventing issues with heat and sweat between the toes when wearing canvas sneakers.

Whether it's toe-separator socks or short lyocell socks, choose breathable materials such as cotton, polyester, or lyocell for a refreshing feel and to keep your feet dry.

Mules and sandals ➢ Ankle socks

In many cultures, wearing a sock inside a sandal makes sense: your feet, even when exposed to fresh air, are not immune to sweating or getting injured by debris. We recommend a pair of ankle socks that are thick enough to protect the exposed part of the foot while remaining breathable enough to not compromise all the benefits of wearing an open shoe.

Cotton/Linen Casual
Stripe Trainer Socks
Cotton/Linen Heathered
Trainer Socks
40-43 40-43

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