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#19 Support socks specially designed for hallux valgus

#19 Support socks specially designed for hallux valgus

Support socks for hallux valgus pain relief

hallux valgus top

Specially developed with

Preventing and treating the causes of hallux valgus

Thanks to our expertise as a sock specialist, we have developed a model dedicated to the care and prevention of hallux valgus, otherwise known as a foot bunion. Prevent the problem today and keep it from getting worse with our hallux valgus support socks.

Podiatrist Dr. Kuwahara and TABIO LEG LABO have jointly developed support socks to prevent hallux valgus. In order to solve the problems of many people, Tabio, a sock specialist, has developed a support sock for hallux valgus under the supervision of Dr. Kuwahara, who treats 6,000 new patients a year at his clinic in Tokyo.

What is hallux valgus?

Hallux valgus is a deformity of the big toe that causes the thumb to bend inwards towards the little toe. It can sometimes be painful and, depending on the degree of deformity, can lead to other foot or nail problems...

X-ray of a normal foot

X-ray of a foot with hallux valgus

30% of people over 75 have hallux valgus...
Hallux valgus is much more common in women.

- In France, 30% of the senior population and 2% of children have foot bunions.

- This means that about 2 million people (= 1 in 3 people over 75) suffer from it.

- In 90% of cases, hallux valgus develops between the ages of 40 and 50.

Prevalence of hallux valgus

in women
in men

In 90-95% of cases, hallux valgus affects women.

Reference: Ameli.fr (https://www.ameli.fr/paris/assure/sante/themes/hallux-valgus/symptomes-causes-evolution)
**2021 figure, reference: Insee.fr (https://www.insee.fr/fr/statistiques/2381474)

There is a greater risk of developing hallux valgus if...

  • You are a woman
  • Your parents have hallux valgus
  • You have an "Egyptian" foot
  • You often wear shoes with high heels, narrow toes
  • You are menopausal
  • You have a neuromuscular or rheumatic disease or a collagen anomaly

Hallux valgus is the most common foot problem in women

Hallux valgus
Plantar fasciitis
Ingrown nails
Hallux liminus
Morton's neuroma

Hallux valgus is the most common foot problem in women, accounting for 20% of all foot problems.

The ranking is based on data from a pedicure clinic in Japan.

A special knitting method is used to correct the thumb to its original shape

A toe bent up to 15 degrees will return to its original shape when wearing this sock.

Ordinary socks


After wearing the socks and taking X-rays of several patients with hallux valgus, it was observed that the socks improved the original shape of their feet (for a deformation of between 10 and 15 degrees).

We have developed a special knitting method to support and correct your big toe simply by wearing our socks.

Hallux valgus socks are also designed for comfort !

The ground support function naturally focuses on the ball of the big toe when walking

It is difficult to put a load on the ball of the big toe for people with poor arch function. The fabric at this level is thicker so that you can walk comfortably.

Supporting the 3 points of the arch and toe

This sock raises the arch area like an insole.

Three-dimensional knit at the toe to reduce friction

The toe tips are three-dimensionally knitted to reduce chafing and contour the toes for greater comfort.

Highly breathable mesh and quick-drying deodorant material

The back of the foot is made of "Lyocell®" mesh, a deodorizing and quick-drying material. It is comfortable to wear.

With anti-skid

The sole is covered with anti-slip material to increase the degree of grip with the shoe and its sole and thus promote good walking.

Soft edges

Loose socks for a comfortable fit.


Comments from users who have actually tried them

Very comfortable to wear, they spread your toes without forcing

I have hallux valgus which causes pain at the base of my thumb when I am tired after walking for a long time. As soon as I put them on, I feel that my big toe is pulled outwards and each of my toes is separated. It feels good to be able to spread my toes without getting tired. It is now easy for me to put pressure on each toe when walking. The length is also easy to combine with trainers.

Comfortable to wear for a long time

I feel like my thumbs are pulled outwards and I feel more secure than usual when standing or walking because I have more sole surface.
They are comfortable to wear for a long time.
I washed them and they were spotless.

Overall, they are so stable that I can't wear any other socks

I have a slight hallux valgus. I usually wear five toe socks, but these socks are so comfortable that the thumb is forced to open outwards. The non-slip sole is great. They don't slip in the shoe and are therefore very stable. The whole thing is so stable that I can't wear any other socks.

socks for hallux valgus
Support socks for hallux valgus

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