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#18 5 reasons why you should wear socks in summer

#18 5 reasons why you should wear socks in summer

In summer, it's tempting to skip socks to let your feet breathe. But there are many reasons why it is healthier and more pleasant to wear them.


5 reasons why you should wear socks in summer

With the summer heat comes the eternal dilemma of socks and sandals. For some it is a note of bad taste, for others a fashion accessory that is almost a matter of bias.
But beyond the aesthetic aspect, is it really recommended to be barefoot in shoes?

1. Avoiding blisters

All specialists agree that socks are essential for foot hygiene, a necessary layer of protection between the foot and the shoe. Who hasn't experienced the excruciating pain of a fresh blister tirelessly abraded by the straps of their sandals? Who hasn't had a bloody heel after a long walk. It's enough to spoil a holiday, isn't it?
Being comfortable in your shoes is essential for everyone's well-being and the foot is a sensitive area for injury.
There's no doubt that wearing socks can be frustrating, especially when you want to wear a nice little pair of sandals.
That's why Tabio has developed several partial socks for each type of shoe. This avoids uncomfortable injuries while maintaining an elegant and discreet look.

2. Foot hygiene and health

As recent events have shown, diseases and infections can affect us all. Protecting your feet from external aggressions such as pollution, UV rays, bacteria, insect bites and avoiding wound infections is essential. After a long walk in the city, we often notice that our feet are black with dirt, which is not very pleasant or healthy. We don't always know where we're putting our feet or what we're putting them in, and what better way to deal with this discomfort than with socks? An infection or a sore can happen quickly !
Another problem in summer is that the foot also tends to swell in the heat because blood circulation is made difficult. In this case, you can choose models without elastic or with rolled edges that do not support the ankle. An ideal solution for those who have problems with light circulation and want to wear socks in summer.

3. Thermal insulation

A preconceived notion that turns out to be false is that you don't get as hot without socks. In fact, the body regulates its own temperature better when it is well insulated. It is simply a matter of choosing cool natural materials such as linen, washi (Japanese paper) or 100% cotton.
In addition, temperature differences at different times of the day or in different places can make us catch a bad chill. It is a good idea to always have a pair of socks handy, for the car or in air-conditioned places.

4. Moisture absorption

Let's face it, in summer we all sweat our feet even if there is no smell. In order to avoid providing an ideal playground for fungus and the discomfort of wet and slippery feet in your shoes, you need to choose a suitable material. The main reason for wearing socks in all circumstances is sweat. Allowing your feet to soak in closed shoes in the heat is an explosive cocktail: hello odours and bacteria ! We don't necessarily realise how much sweat our feet can produce.
For a discreet look in trainers or loafers, you can choose invisible socks with summer clothes.

5. Fashion accessory

The trend of exposed socks in open shoes is back. The sock is no longer condemned as an underwear label, it is now a real fashion accessory. It is shown, coordinated and brought to life ! Summer can also be an opportunity to show off your pretty patterned or transparent socks. In Japan, socks have been an integral part of the outfit for a long time now, and must complete the outfit with taste and boldness.
Lightness can be promoted with a delicate transparent model.
Or go for an 80's look with pleated socks in tennis shoes !
This year the fashion for "dad shoes" encourages us to try the unthinkable a few years ago, sports sandals and thick socks !

Our feet are fragile and vulnerable to the outside world. So much so that the slightest injury has a global impact on our well-being. To avoid all these worries that can really spoil a beautiful day, what better than a sock? There are many different solutions for the summer, adapted to the needs of everyone, because nothing is more important than feeling good in your trainers.

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