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healthJapanTabi — 01 Jun 2021

#15 The health benefits of Tabi socks

#15 The health benefits of Tabi socks

Tabi socks have numerous health benefits for the body and foot hygiene. In this article, we will explore why many doctors and podiatrists recommend them to their patients.

The Benefits of Tabi Socks on Health

A Tradition Revived from Japan

Originally, Tabi socks were part of Japan's traditional wardrobe, much like kimonos. They are socks that separate the big toe from the rest of the foot. Initially created in leather and later in cotton to be worn with getas or Zōri, traditional shoes similar to hard-soled flip-flops. It is also customary to remove shoes indoors, making Tabi socks suitable for indoor use.
Japanese have managed to preserve their connection to traditional culture by seamlessly integrating Tabi socks into modern life. Tabi socks can be worn with flip-flops, sneakers, or city shoes. As a manufacturer of Japanese artisanal socks, you will find a wide range of Tabi socks for men, women, and children in our collection.

The 5 Main Health Benefits of Tabi Socks

Tabi socks have numerous health benefits for the body and foot hygiene. At first glance, their unique shape may raise curiosity and seem uncomfortable to put on. However, on the contrary, the Japanese have discovered the secret to healthy feet by creating Tabi socks. Many French individuals try them and immediately adopt them for their comfort.
In this article, we will explore why many doctors and specialists recommend them to their patients.


The separated big toe, returning to its natural position, provides better stability. Tabi socks offer a sense of comfort and reassurance to many of their followers because they allow better ground contact for the soles of the feet. This results in improved balance when standing and engaging in physical activities.

Photo of Tabi socks in durable Triporous™ cotton Triporous Tabi socks

Short Tabi sock made from durable Triporous™ fabric
Sustainable material made from recycled rice husks.



Sweat is better controlled due to moisture absorption between the toes, significantly reducing the risk of bacteria or fungus development. Thus, Tabi socks help keep the feet dry and minimize unpleasant odors. For this issue, we recommend Tabi socks made from Lyocell, silk, or cotton.

The recommended model is Tabi socks made from Lyocell, a moisture-absorbing polyester fiber. Ideal for summer, they are available in various sizes.

Improved moisture absorption between the toes and insulation of the big toe promote better blood circulation and thermal insulation. As a result, your feet tend to maintain a natural temperature in all seasons. These socks are also ideal for those who like wearing socks with their flip-flops at home. In winter, blends with wool are preferred, while Lyocell or cotton is the choice for summer.

Invisible Tabi socks in Lyocell

Invisible Tabi socks in Dry Lyocell

Tabi socks in Lyocell with soft edges

Tabi socks with soft edges in Lyocell



According to podiatrists, Tabi socks have the advantage of preventing the formation of bunions (Hallux valgus). Foot deformities are a common issue for those who frequently wear narrow shoes or high heels. As the big toe is slightly separated from the second toe, they also relieve ligament tension associated with hallux valgus by slightly modifying the alignment of the big toe. Some of our customers come to us on the recommendation of their podiatrist. (Tabi socks are not a medical device; please consult your physician.)

The recommended model is a simple Tabi sock in cotton, comfortable and easy to wear at home or with flip-flops.

Cotton Tabi socks, effective against hallux valgus

Cotton Tabi sock, plain



The significant stability provided by Tabi socks allows the foot to regain a strong, natural support position, as if one were barefoot. This improved foot positioning enhances the overall body posture. This is why they are gaining popularity among athletes, as it may improve performance. The absence of friction with the toes also adds extra comfort for walking or physical exercise. Our marathon models have been designed with this in mind and offer significant comfort for sports activities.

The recommended model is dedicated to sports; it is the marathon Tabi sock with a non-slip system on the sole for enhanced stability in shoes. They are available in several sizes: S, M, or L.

Sport Tabi socks Tabi socks with better posture and anti-slip feature

Short Sport Marathon Tabi sock

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